I was wondering why I haven't seen any pics of SS501 leaving Shanghai and returning to Korea. It's quite strange because whenever the boys are leaving the country, there will always be pictures of them from the airport. But even since they left for Shanghai, there are only very very few pictures. I guess the fanclubs have opted not to release them. But here are video of them from the hotel to the airport. I hear all of them caught a cold! All that chilly atmosphere from the concert must have taken its toll. Awww, I hope they'd be able to recuperate right away.

SS501 Leaving Shanghai Hotel
Video Uploader: irenelin005@YouTube

SS501 at Incheon Airport Returning From Shanghai, China
Video Uploader: shirbogurl@YouTube

The scene from Pudong Airport in Shanghai is even more chaotic. Check out this fancam taken when SS501 was departing Shanghai. I really hope fans would be more respectful and calm because the boys could get hurt!

SS501 at Pudong Airport Leaving Shanghai - A Fan Grabs Jung Min!
Video Uploader: shirbogurl@YouTube

Video Uploader: ss501ufo@YouTube


Mikai said...

So chaotic scene sigh. The airport security must have anticipated that and have prepared a well guarded pathway with at least rope on both sides. I'm happy to see that leader was unharmed but poor Jungmin T_T

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