Remember we were all shocked when Hyun Joong planted a kiss on Kim Soo Jung's lips at the Olive Style Icon Awards, right? Well, here's Kim Soo Jung to talk about it.

Video Credit: 미니민@SS601


Girl: I say a kiss on the cheek but it's using my lips. But Hyun Joong misunderstood it to kiss on the lips again.
Caption: I want to kiss Oppa with my lips.
Caption: What? KIss on the lips also.

Girl: People asked "Do you know how loud did this Oppa's fans are screaming."
PD: I'm also asking for a kiss, so when will it be.
Girl: don't want, and you're not stylish at all.
PD: why? why not?
Girl: He's ugly, everyone!
PD: Su Jung, how, postpone it?
Girl: It's the truth!
Caption: Photo: Person in charge PD

Credit: (English translation) SaengiePB
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And here's a piece of news about this interview:

[news] Kim SuJung “Kiss on lips with SS501 Kim HyunJoong is really...”

Kim SuJung “Kiss on lips with SS501 Kim HyunJoong is really...”

In ‘2009 Style Icon Awards (SIA)’ held on 11-Nov, child actress who stole (?) the lips of ‘Flower Boys’ Kim HyunJoong, appealed of her injustice.

Kim SuJung explained in an interview on SBS ‘One Night’s TV Entertainment’ on 18-Nov about her kiss on lips with Kim HyunJoong. At that time, Kim HyunJoong won the viewers choice of Best Popular Icon Awards and went up on stage to receive the award and Kim SuJung was the award presenter.

At the moment when Kim HyunJoong was about to say his words of expression on the win of this award, Kim SuJung requested to him “Please give me a kiss” and received a kiss on the cheek with this bold request. After which, she also received a kiss on the lips, making all the female fans jealous of her. At that moment, Kim HyunJoong pointed to his own lips when suddenly being requested for a kiss, and he was unable to hide his embarrassment.

In the interview on that day, Kim SuJung explained the situation “I said I want to kiss him (on the cheek), but Kim HyunJoong oppa misunderstood that I wanted a kiss on the lips and kissed on my lips.” Kim SuJung added “My mother came and scolded ‘Do you know how many fans oppa has?’” and showed a worried look that draws a smile to others.

Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

LOL! So the little girl didn't really ask for a kiss on the lips. Hyun Joong merely misunderstood. What the little girl meant to say was, she wants to kiss Leader on the cheeks using her lips (that's why she was puckering her little lips.) 4D Leader, who must have been quite nervous prior to his speech, thought that Soo Jung was asking for another kiss on the lips. Haha! So she got a full smack on the mouth! Oh Leader, what are we gonna do with you? ^_^


LyN said...

hahahaha..laughing so hard at this!! what would leader do if he found out about this?..or maybe he already knows..haha..i bet he's really embarrassed!! this scene caught a lot of attention not just amoung us tripleS but to others also..and its just because 4D leader hyun joong misunderstood what the little girl wants to do?!! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

i think, if kim soo jung wanted to kiss hyun joong's cheek with her lips, she should have pointed to HER lips, then HIS cheek. then hyun joong wouldn't have misunderstood. :)

i hope that hyun joong will be interviewed too so that we will know what he thinks of this! :)

Cris Alisasis said...

*falls off from her chair* ROFL!!!

Mikai said...

Her mother scolded her wahahaha maybe she's jealous too? LOL ^_^

In defense for leader's action base on what I saw on the video if someone made a sign language like what the girl made I will also interpret it as she wants a kiss on her lips

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