[News] SS501 Kim KyuJong Exchanged Messages With Oh SaeJung

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong revealed the story about how his wish to meet with his ideal girl, Oh Se Jung, came true.

SS501, who came back after 1 years 7 months, attended SBS ‘Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate’ to be broadcasted on 7-Nov. In this recording, they had some great conversations through a section called ‘An even hotter strong heart’ which is a parody off ‘Strong Heart’.

Kim KyuJong, who had revealed that his ideal girl is Oh SaeJung through previous broadcast programs, attracted attention when he revealed about his story of meeting her coincidentally on the road and exchanges private messaged on the internet.

Kim KyuJong said in MBC ‘Radio Star’, “No matter where in Korea Oh SaeJung might be, I will find her even if I have to fly”, “She is the one and only ideal girl to me”, showing his aggressive affection for her. On this day at the recording for ‘Chocolate’, Kim KyuJong left a video message to Oh SaeJung.

Besides this, Kim HyunJoong who caught H1N1 influenza previously, talked about his feelings when he was being quarantined. Magnae Kim HyungJoon, who is nicknamed as the ‘betrayer’ by the members also had an explanation time.

In the performance on this day, SS501 sang songs from this new album ‘Love Like This’, as well as ‘Green Peas’ which the members had written their own parts for their fans. They also changed the lyrics to Fin.K.L’s ‘To my boyfriend’ to ‘To my girlfriend’, and danced with Fin.K.L’s original choreography for the song, receiving great response from the audience.

Credits : tvreport.co.kr + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

"I will find her even if I have to fly.” Oh Se Jung is so lucky! If Kyu Jong said that you're his ideal girl, what would you do?


Geca said...

Panu na si Yoobin?!?!?! huhuhu

phtriples said...

hahaha! geca, i think theirs will just remain as "Crush"... i don't think kyu will get a celebrity as his gf if ever he decides to have one. haha!

Geca said...

LOL! yeah I guess I just have to accept that fact. I've been a big follower of them since their blind date on WGM and those guys really click.
Oh well... **sigh**

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