The boys did a recording for SBS Quiz! Sixth Sense show last October 30, and apparently, there are many new information revealed about our boys! I can't wait to see the whole show with English subs! But for the meantime, let's make do with some teasers. Here are some news clippings for Leader, Kyu, and Baby from Quiz! Sixth Sense...


[News] Kim Kyu Jong “Will not do if marriage is being objected by my parents”

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong revealed that he will not do if his marriage is being objected by his parents.

Recently in the recording for SBS ‘Quiz! Sixth Sense’ to be broadcasted on 8-Nov, Kim Kyu Jong responded to the question for ‘If your parents objects to your marriage’, saying “My parents went against objections to their marriage, they are currently living very happily together.”

However, Kim Kyu Jong said frankly surprising the others “Even so, if my parents were to object to the person I love, I would give up on my lover.”

The real (?) filial son Kim Kyu Jong’s sequel will be broadcasted on 8-Nov at 10.45am.

Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

[News] Kim Hyun Joong: "I am Kim Yuna's fan... even though she is defeated I will continue to support her"

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong revealed he is figure skater Kim Yuna's fan became a hot topic.

In the SBS 'Quiz! 6 sense' program broadcast on 8 November, Kim Hyun Joong explained to invited guest different techniques of figure skating. When asked whether: "Watch a lot of Kim Yuna competition?" Kim Hyun Joong replied: "I have watched all of Kim Yuna competitions since she began figure skating till she was defeated"

In between the program, clips of Kim Yuna recent Figure Skating Competition were shown, continuous exclamation like 'Too perfect' could be heard from Kim HyunJoong.

Also, SS501 Kim Kyu Jong frankly revealed that he will broke off with his lover if his parents opposed to the marriage.

Credit: mtstarnews + (Chinese translation)妃茵 + (English translation)

[News] SS501 members elected member with the ugliest behavior, “Kim Hyung Jun”?

SS501 members elected the ugliest member is? . . . Kim Hyung Jun. . . ?

Members of SS501 recently attended the SBS program HEXAGON [quiz! Match intuition]. They elected Kim Hyung Jun as the most ugliest behavior member after drinking.

SS501 was asked about which one of the members will try to avoid beer money. Kim Kyu Jong said, “When we calculate the beer money afterward, one of us will avoid bringing out the wallet to pay.” When guests want to know exactly which one, the other members are all watching Kim Hyung Jun. Kim Hyung Jun suddenly in panic. All the guests laugh out for his expression. This wonderful show will be broadcast on the 8th.

Credit: SS601 + (English Translation) ss501fighting

And here's a breakdown on what to expect on SBS Quiz! Sixth Sense Show...

5 men SS501 Special Program Guide!
Episode 123 [Quiz! Sixth Sense]

Pretty boy representative in Entertainment world and pretty lady (?) of Gag world
Kim Hyun Joong * Kim Sook

Two with witty eloquence! Our 4th dimension couple!
Park Jung Min * Kang EunBi

Guy who is prettier than a lady and lady who is tougher than a guy!
Kim Hyung Jun * Kim HyoJin

They came together again to seize the title of Sixth Sense King!!
Kim Kyu Jong * Kim NaYoung

Good match~ Bad match~ Quarreling 3 siblings (?)!
Heo Young Saeng * Kim HyeJin * Yoo SaeYoon

Senior of Sixth Sense and the returned madam!
Kim TaeHyun * Han SungJoo

Airs 8-Nov, Sunday at 10.45am!!

Credit: SBS 'Quiz! 6 Sense' Website + (English translation) XiaoChu @ Quainte501


Mikai said...

I'm so disappointed when he said he would let go the one he loves if his family would object to their relationship. If that's the case it is pointless if he loves you or if you're his ideal girl because if his family don't like you he'll just turn you down and that's a BIG ouch. Sigh... I really don't prefer someone who can't be a man for his girl and that's a NEGATIVE pointsssss for KYU hayzzz

Mikai said...

Hmmm i posted this for the next article weh about kyu's ideal girl anyway pde na rin dito ^_^

phtriples said...

hehehe. i moved it mikai.... mas appropriate ksi sa news about kyu. i hope ok lang. ;) if it's not i'll move it back. hehe. anyways, yeah i agree with you. what if he loves that girl so much and the girl loves him too, but his family is against the girl... that's really sad. but i think he's pretty confident naman siguro na whoever he will love, love na rin ng parents nya, that's why he said it in the first place ^_^

Mikai said...

Sige lang its ok pro medyo pangit lang ang construction ng sentences kasi tong article na toh involve silang lahat pro ang pagkasabi ko prang si kyu lang ang topic lols. ^_^

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