SETI fans who can't understand Korean can now read the comics! Episode 1 comics has been subbed by reena29lim (thanks reena!) Now we can understand what the storyline is really all about. The video includes the comics + web toon.

Video Uploader: reena29lim@YouTube

Credits: reena29lim@YouTube +

Repost only with full credits.


vAnVan said...

hi, thks for posting this up to ur blog. May i koe if i can post it to my blog? its more of my personal blog.

phtriples said...

sure vanvan, just include full credits. :) what's your blog by the way?

vAnVan said...

ok, thks alot! :)

oh my blog is
But my blog is mixed of my personal blog and the things tat i like and will post up wan..hehe

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