11/02 [news] 'SS501 1st ASIA TOUR PERSONA in Bangkok'


Korean popular idol group SS501 comeback with gorgeous concert.

SS501 under DSP Media (Thailand) Co., Ltd has their comeback with gorgeous concert in Thailand. Do Concert Co., Ltd is ready for holding the first official concert, “SS501 1st ASIA TOUR PERSONA in Bangkok”, on January 17, 2010 for 2 hours. The official ticket sales will be announced to Triple S soon.

Do Concert Co., Ltd revealed “This concert is guaranteed with magnificent stage by the team who made special effect phenomenon for Rain concert and large LED monitor about 12 meters. Fans could feel as if they are closed to SS501. This brand new stage of SS501 will surely create fans impressions.”

SS501 said “We promise our fans will go home with impressions from this magnificent concert.”

Also, SS501 has prepared new songs from the newest album “REBIRTH” for “SS501 1st ASIA TOUR PERSONA in BANGKOK” to captivate their fans.

Credits: pingbook.com + (English translation) bryanben@ss501thailand.com

Venue for Persona Thailand: Royal Paragon Hall

More Details Will Be Released Soon!

Oh wow! Another confirmed Persona stop! So this is after Hong Kong. Lucky Thai fans! I'm seriously considering if I should go to Thailand instead of Singapore. But I'm not any closer to figuring out for sure! Arrgh... I need to save up more money!!!


reena29lim said...

I would suggest you go to the Thailand one.. :)


phtriples said...

hi reena! nice of you to drop by! :) why thailand? is singapore not okay? i could use some advice right now. ^_^

Mikai said...

Hmmm I think we don't have such huge and nice venue here in the Philippines. I haven't been to Araneta coliseum (The Big Dome) but i don't think it's at par with that of the other countries they've visited. Do you think if given the chance we can fill up the big dome? ^_^

Anonymous said...

ahhh..i should have known these earlier...just got back from bangkok...

i'm always at siam paragon while im in bangkok..huhuhu....

wish i could go back again in bangkok to watch their concert...

phtriples said...

@mikai: i really hope so! there are lots of ss501 fans here, it's just that the marketing and promotions are not really done well. and besides, if there's going to be Persona in the Philippines, i'm pretty sure a lot of international fans from all over the world would also watch. what do you think? ^_^

Mikai said...

@kate: Yeah a concert like that would boost tourism ^_^ unfortunately the current situation of our country today + approaching election + natural calamities would least likely allow such grand/costly event. Sigh

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