Here are some backstage photos of our guys from their recent guesting in Star Golden Bell lifted from SS601. I wonder who that little boy is. Is he a relative? A cousin? So lucky he got to pose with all SS501 members!

Kyu is looking hot in the background! ^^



Anonymous said...

min looks cute and kyu looks hot at the background of the last two pictures! haha

phtriples said...

yup!!! and leader looks cute too in the background of hyung jun's pic. hehe.

Cris Alisasis said...

the girl on the first photo os Gyuri of Kara. ^_^

lucky kids getting a chance to be up close with ss501 lately... i so want to be a kid again LOL! ^_^

Mikai said...

I dunno but i'm having goosebumps. Was that the little boy at SOS? I hope not

phtriples said...

The boy is from Star Golden Bell! LOL.

Anonymous said...

ohh..i thought that was the boy from SOS

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