Leader Kim Hyun Joong was featured in MBC Every1 "The Star Secret" and although it was shown last October 30, I decided to wait for the English subs before posting the videos here, so that we could understand what's being said. And finally, after almost 2 weeks of waiting, ltstraus has uploaded the show in YouTube in 3 parts with English subs! Thank you so much for this! I hope ltstraus doesn't mind if I share the videos here. Now we can get to know Hyun Joong more and understand why we love him so much! Enjoy!

Video credits: ltstraus@YouTube


Cris Alisasis said...

Kim Hyun Joong was really born to be a leader... And a man made for music... <3

jovelyn said...

He knows the value of money ever since he was so young.Imagine he went to the bank everyday.He really looked serious as a kid since he wears glasses. One would be really be shocked to know he rocks it as a rocker and eventually as an idol.But no one can deny,he's undeniably handsome since then.The people they interviewed were right,he's no ordinary person. He's really destined for greatness, for awesomeness.

It's funny that he finds smiling difficult so he kept practicing and that he can't even pose like a model then. But look at him now,effortless.

He even draw in his polaroid photo for the fans. He hasn't change. He deserved everything that he has now.

elly said...

hi, did you download the youtube video?? the videos are now removed... could you upload it to megaupload or mediafire please?? thank you :)

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