SS501 performed in Visit Korea 2010-2012 Opening Concert last night, Nov 11. So many appearances for our boys! I heard that they're leaving for Shanghai later today. So let's brace ourselves for the huge surge of photos and fancams later on. I wish I were going to Shanghai and taking my own photos and videos. Also, if you guys have noticed... Leader is smiling more often now. I guess he really missed the stage after acting in BOF. He even shook a fan's hand (which he doesn't normally do) when they were leaving the KBS Open Concert event last Nov 10. I hope Leader does this more often. Anyway, here are some fancams and pics from the Visit Korea event last night.

Leader was hit by the fireworks! Thankfully, no real lasting damage has been done. I guess it just grazed his face. The fireworks make the stage more grand but it's dangerous! I hope they'd be more careful next time!



Credits: as tagged on pics

See more pics here!

SS501 Full Performance - Love Like This + A Song Calling For You + Seoul, Seoul, Seoul
Video Uploader: shirbogurl@YouTube

SS501 Performing A Song Calling For You @ Visit Korea Opening Concert

Video Uploader: shirbogurl@YouTube

Young Saeng Focus - Love Like This @ Visit Korea Opening Concert
Video Uploader: shirbogurl@YouTube

Jung Min Focus - Love Like This @ Visit Korea Opening Concert
Video Uploader: WWloveHJ@YouTube

SS501 - "Seoul Seoul Seoul" @ Visit Korea Opening Concert Ending
Video Uploader: WWloveHJ@YouTube


Cris Alisasis said...

Bad fireworks is baaaad... tsk tsk...

But anyways, it's really delightful to see a smiling Hyun Joong lately. I sense good vibes. ^_^ Hope he'd always keep flashing that smile for us. ^_^

phtriples said...

I heard somewhere before that this isn't the first time Leader experienced being hit by fireworks on stage. Hope it doesn't happen again. and yeah, his smile is so contagious and bright, i wish he'd smile more often. ^_^

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