Unfortunately, my Internet connection at home has not been restored yet, so I'm just posting the latest updates now. There are 2 events last night for SS501. First, Hyun Joong attended the Style Icon Awards, and then they performed in Visit Korea 2010-2012 Opening Concert. Here are some photos taken during their rehearsals. And a video clip of them fooling around at the rehearsals. The clip shows the two hyungs Young Saeng and Hyun Joong playfully hitting their youngest, Hyung Jun. And even Kyu Jong joins in. I really miss seeing these boys playing around. Maknae is still being bullied around! Poor thing. Some things never change. LOL.

Video Uploader: WWloveHJ@YouTube

And here are a couple of fancams focusing on Leader uploaded by WWloveHJ in her YT channel.

Hear the fans screaming, Hyun Joong, handsome! Oooh, if only I live in Korea it would be easier to stalk them. Haha!

SS501 @ Rehearsals - Love Like This + A Song Calling For You
Video Uploader: shirbogurl@YouTube


Credits: as tagged on pics

See more rehearsal pics here!


Cris Alisasis said...

Run Leader, Run!!! Hehehe!!! Fangirls on the loose!!! LOL!!!

Poor Baby Jun, always being teased... But seems like he's enjoying it anyways haha! I think they're trying to test if Baby's jacket is "punch-proof" haha!

Jung Min: "Does this hurt? Can you feel it?"
Leader: "How bout this?"
Kyu: "Oh cool! Really thick cushion eh?"


phtriples said...

LOL @ Cris... don't you wish we were there with those fangirls? i really love it when the guys play around with each other. they're so adorable.

Cris Alisasis said...

I wish I am Leader's blue jacket... LOL! I noticed it's his recent favorite. ^_^

phtriples said...

haha, yeah, i noticed that too! LOL! love that color on him. he looks bright and fresh! ^_^

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