Persona in Shanghai has ended, it's another successful concert for SS501! Lots of fancams and pictures from the concert are now surfacing. For now, here are fancams of some of their performances.

[Fancam 1] SS501 Persona Shanghai Concert Opening

[Fancam 2] SS501 Member Introductions + Singing 'Warning'

[Fancam 3] SS501 singing 'Deja vu' in Shanghai Persona

[Fancam 4] SS501 singing '4Chance' in Shanghai Persona

[Fancam 5] SS501 singing 'Unlock' in Shanghai Persona

[Fancam 6] SS501 "Love Like This" @ Shanghai Persona Concert

I know most of us are waiting for the highlight of the whole show, right? And most of you would probably agree with me that the highlight is none other than JITJOONG himself! Major HOTNESS alert! Brace yourself for another round of screams and near-fainting, especially at 2:15.

Video Uploader: langue78@YouTube

Some pics from fans... I'm sure there will be a lot coming out. So I'll try to gather them all and provide a download link for individual pictures for easy downloading. I know how tiring it is to right click and save. LOL. For now, here are a few pics... Click on images to ENLARGE.

Oh my God!!! JITJOONG!!! Can't wait for more close up pictures!
Credits: YouEasy + as tagged on pics + various YouTube uploaders


Mikai said...

I think JITJOONG @ PERSONA in Taiwan is better, maybe because its his 1st concert after his recovery thus curiosity is there and there were many fan videos with nice resolutions who caught his sweat rolling down on his abs which made him sexier ^_^

phtriples said...

yeah, i like the past jitjoongs better too. but it was too cold last night in shanghai, and fans were begging leader not to take off his shirt because they didn't want him to catch a cold. it's good that he didn't rip off his shirt totally. just a glimpse of his nice buff body. ^_^

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