The 6 parts of SS501 @ KBS Champagne are finally out! Thanks to Hurmutube2 for subbing. I've been on the edge of my seat, anticipating. At last now we can understand what's being said in the show! The show is hilarious!


Mikai said...

Nabitin ako KATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

phtriples said...

ako nga din eh! hope the rest of the parts will be up soon! my tummy already aches from laughing! hahaha!

LyN said...

love this show so much!! in part 3, jessica is really mesmerized by baby's voice!! and im mesmerized by young saeng's voice!! haha..(even if he calls me a fool..i don't care..and didn't he just say that he wants to call his gf babo-ya just for a change?-LOL)

i love it when YS forgot the lyrics and leader's "im not worthy of you".."you are not worthy of me" part!! at first he really looked clueless and then embarrassed at the end..

and also.kyu's acting is really hilarious!! and they always call baby a loser..poor baby..

the part where baby said "you guys are close?" to leader when leader is choosing between jessica & krystal also cracked me up!!

and lastly..i cannot forget the gee dance of YS!! and did u notice leader on the background?..instead of looking at jessica..his eyes are on young saeng!! LOL ^_^

phtriples said...

hahaha! i agree with everything you said LyN!

oreotulips said...

please....i want to watch these videos....y you tube remove it???huhu....where else i can find these vid???

Anonymous said...

I want to watch it too..
Already googling about this video but i found nothing with english sub..
could you show me where to download the videos??
thank you..

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