SS501's Park Jung Min: "Ko So-Young, who is my ideal type, is in love with Jang Dong-Gun, I'm heart-broken."

Member of boy band SS501, Park Jung Min, expressed that actress Ko So-Young is his ideal type. Recently, he heard about the news that she is in love with Jang Dong-Gun, causing him to be heart-broken.

SS501 Park Jung Min appeared on SBS PowerFM Power Time's section in the 'evening star live show' on the 10th. During the show, he and his fellow members revealed their ideal types.

Park Jung Min expressed, "Since debut, I had always said that Ko So-Young was my ideal type. Recently, having heard the news that she is in love with Jang Dong-Gun, I'm really upset." He also added that "I prefer more urban-oriented, fashionable girls."

Members broke the news about Kim Hyung Jun's ideal type, saying that "When we had activities in Japan, it would be Japan's most famous artiste; In Taiwan, mainland China, he would also name the most famous artiste in that region as his ideal type; It is as if he wants all the most beautiful and well-known artistes. Although all these female artistes may look different, one thing they have in common is that they are definitely the country's most well-known celebrity." This revelation caused everyone present to burst out laughing.

On the day of the broadcast, after much discussion amongst members, they all agreed that Kim Hyung Jun looked the most different, with and without make-up. In addition, they also came to a consensus that Kim Hyung Jun is the one, who will change his idea-type the most easily, and that he is the stingiest member.

Kim Hyun Joong said, "I'd like someone who can joke with me like a friend, who is also a very easy-going but sexy woman. However, even if I have someone whom I like, I'll pretend to have no interest towards her."

Heo Young Saeng said, "In the past, I like adorable girls. Now, I'll also see if the girl has an intelligent side. However, Song Hye Kyo, Sung Yu Ri and Moon Geun Young are still my ideal types."

Before debut, Kim Kyu Jong had expressed that Oh Se Jung was his ideal type. This type, his answer remained the same, and he also revealed the standard of his ideal type. He said, "I like a girl, who will smile beautifully while looking at me."

Credits: 601 + SS501 Pea Village (http://www.ss501spv.com/) + Сçäsmile@kimkyujong.com.cn (Chinese Translation) + silenette@worldstar501.co.cc (English Translation)

Awww... poor Mal, heartbroken because his ideal girl is in love with somebody else. LOL. And poor baby, he's always being teased by his members. So many new revelations! I hope someone will sub SS501's SBS Power Time Radio stint. I hope it will be available soon!


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