I missed the live telecast of SS501 at Inkigayo this afternoon. I totally spaced out and took a nap instead. Sigh. Anyway, thank God for YouTube. It's the boys' goodbye stage at Inkigayo today and I was really hoping they'd win the Mutizen award so they could go out with a blast! But unfortunately, they didn't win this week. Oh well... at least even though they didn't win this week, they WON FIRST PLACE last week! But since Inkigayo didn't air last week (because of the Love Sharing Concert), they awarded the Mutizen to SS501 this week. Two K-Chart wins and a Mutizen award. Hmm... not bad at all for REBIRTH comeback, right guys?

Here's their goodbye stage performance of LOVE LIKE THIS at Inkigayo. The guys are looking HOT HOT HOT in their getups today. Black suit with revealing necklines... Pheeww!!! My favorite Young Saeng moments: 1:29, 1:35, 2:03, 2:09 (oooh, I'm gonna miss these!), Jung Minnie's wink at 1:06, Kyu's tongue action at 2:00 and Leader also sticking out his tongue at 2:34! *faints* Is it hot in here, or what?!

Video Uploader: CodeMonmonSeason5@YouTube

SS501 receiving their Mutizen win for last week. They awarded it this week.

SS501 1st Place Mutizen Award Speech for "Love Like This" on Inkigayo
Video Uploader: Hurmutube@YouTube

Credit: PEACE + as tagged on pics

Young Saeng stares...

Credit: SS601 + as tagged on pics

See album for more pictures.


elen122207 said...

WWoooaaahhh!! can't help but love more saengie on their Love Like This performance in Inkigayo. Every moves he takes bring me to cloud 9...a total performer..so far im totally addicted to his stare and smile... saranghamnida saengie...muuah!

mokona said...

oh no.. not another sad news.. *burst out in tears again* but atleast they won the inkigayo award for last week. its nice to see that they are so kind to participate in a charity show.

aw.. T^T young saengs looks really sad in those photos.. his frown jus makes me wanna cry too T^T
thanks for tip on where to pause to see young saeng.

phtriples said...

this is my favorite Love Like This performance so far! ^_^

Anonymous said...

it's so sad, like everyone was really hyped up about Rebirth and their comeback, including SS501, but now it's already the Goodbye Stage?

aww. *cries*

mokona said...

its is only today that i have seen the young saeng photos that u have put up.
young saeng is so cute acting cheeky in "love like this" performances!!! it jus takes my breath away whenever i see this. thanks a million for the photos.
*faints after seeing them*

LyN said...

love this performance!!..the camera captured young saeng doing the "body wave" dance at 1:12. he's been doing that on all love like this performances but the camera is always focus on leader coz its his solo part..i just saw fancam video of it once(after that i always wish the camera will not only focus on leader on that part)..hehe..

young saeng has been getting lots of attention lately..especially after this ingkigayo performance!! we just can't help it right?..he's such a tease..love their outfits..and young saeng's tie! haha..just like their U R Man days..i will definitely miss them T_T

phtriples said...

don't worry guys, we can still see them in PERSONA! and don't forget, they also have other guestings and appearances... they're just saying goodbye to the stage in these TV music shows. but then more outside exposure for SS501! fighting!

Anonymous said...

THOUGH IT WAS TOO SOON.. /SIGH~ All of the performances were still the best. :D

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