SS501 performed today at MBC 2009 'In The Child's New Livelihood' Charity Event. It's great to see the boys actively participating in charity programs. They have enormous talent, and it's just right that they share it to help our less fortunate brothers and sisters. Our boys are looking great as usual, in black and white zebra striped getups. Don't forget, we'll still be seeing them at 'MBC Music Core Special' to be held in Jeju Island, on December 5. Here's a video of their performance at the charity event. Thanks to Shirley for uploading!

SS501 "Love Like This" Performance at "In the Child's New Livelihood" Charity Event
Video Uploader: 005irenelin@YouTube

Credit: TV Daily


mokona said...

that was really fast! i jus saw the vid on youtube as i has also subscibe to shibogurl too.
can't help but notice that HJB looks a bit like ki bum in that hair style.(ki bum's his brother right? )
ah~ its nice to see them doing charity and caring for the less fortunate. thank you so much for the constant update on the boys. ^^

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