Strong Heart with Heo Young Saeng & Kim Kyu Jong will air on December 1 at 11:05 PM at SBS. This show is definitely something to look forward to! Well, aside from seeing these two handsome men, that is. Check out why in this video... and in the following news clipping.

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SS501 Kim Kyu Jong 'Strong Heart' First-ever Touching Confession "Father is ex-National Archery Team Player"

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong confessed for the very first time on an incident that made his father felt heart broken.

Kim Kyu Jong talked about his father during the filming of SBS ‘Strong Heart’ recently, making the other guests almost moved to tears.

Kim Kyu Jong said “My father was a full-time National Archery Team player and was also an Archery coach” And he talked about how he quit archery later on.

Kim Kyu Jong said after his father stopped playing archery, there had been an unexpected incident that came upon his father and family, his father watched by his side and held back his tears alone. This story made the guests present at the filming to swell with tears.

Episode will be broadcast on 01-Dec at 11.05 pm.

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LyN said...

can't wait to watch this show..young saeng & kyu jong!! and also lee seung ki is him too!! plus hwang bo!! too bad leader wasn't able to attend the recording of this one..hehe..kyu jong's confession is really touching..i wonder if young saeng will confess something too..he's been really secretive..

thanks for sharing..^_^

phtriples said...

me too Lyn! can't wait to watch the show with english subs! even hwang bo cried! if only Leader was present in the recording, then he would have met hwang bo again! tsk, tsk. ^_^

Anonymous said...

hwang bo was there.. that's why hyun joong was not there?????

mokona said...

wonder how young saeng reacted after hearing the story from his own member? hope he show some expression.Since he's been so secretive and doesn't talk much. Can't wait to see them in action, all focus on young saeng and kyu jong. hope young saeng will reveal something too XD
i would so enjoy watching my favorite SS501 couple in action >_< cant wait!!!

mokona said...

my favorite couple!! >_< can't wait to watch this show. Hope young saeng will show some emotion towards the incident regarding kyu's story.
Can't wait to see if young saeng will reveal anything in this show ^^ with him being secretive and all.
but i notice that he talks more during ep1-4 of M!pick than now.
Can't wait to focus on the 2 of them O_O

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