We have tuned in to the 3 major music programs, Music Core, Inkigayo & Music Bank since SS501's comeback, and now... 1 month later, they're saying goodbye. It's a month full of screams and giddiness, every weekend, we anticipated our boys' performance. And we've celebrated with them in their victories, having won 2 K-Chart wins in Music Bank, and a Mutizen from Inkigayo. Now they're saying goodbye to these programs. At least until the next album. So until then, let's all congratulate SS501 for a successful comeback! Here's a recap of all their performances on the TV stage.

Credit: SS601


Karren168 said...

Kate, you're so good at this (compiling videos, news, anything about our SS501 MEN)... makes our (TripleS) life so much easier (sweeter)... super thanks :)

I will definitely miss watching SS501 on weekly shows... but having this will ease the "pain"... he he he (drama queen)

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