SS501 performed again in SBS Inkigayo today. It's their second week in the show, and I was excited and giddy while watching their live performance. But after they announced the winner, my heart sank. Argh, I feel so sad until now. It's 2 times in a row that SS501 didn't win the Mutizen award at Inkigayo! I wish I could do something for these guys! I hate the feeling of helplessness. All I can do is watch their sad faces. I heard that Baby cried backstage after Inkigayo? I'm not sure about this, but that piece of information makes me feel even more depressed. Just look at Baby's face when they found out they didn't win in their Music Bank Comeback.

It's heartbreaking to see them so dejected. But nevertheless!!! The boys still gave a great performance at Inkigayo! And win or lose, they're still number 1 for me.

Video Uploader: CodeMonmonSeason3@YouTube


Anonymous said...

It breaks my heart Oh Gosh!!! Our boys need to win!!! I know they will!!! Fighting!!!

MadamMoose said...

Their performance was amazing~ I was crushed when they didn't win!

The hundreds of thousands of Triple S worldwide still know they're the best though <3 SS501 fighting! Don't let a couple lost polls get you down ^^

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