Because there have been so many updates this weekend, I forgot to make a post about this. Weeee! I'm so happy! It actually arrived last Friday, when everything was going great. That day, I had a Triple Treat: Firstly, the full Love Like This MV was released; secondly, I got my REBIRTH CD, and thirdly, I got my SS501 SUPERHITS CD+DVD! The only sad thing last Friday was that SS501 was ranking only second to SUJU in the MNET Overseas Viewers' Awards. Such a downer. But other than that, I'm really happy to get these SS501 goodies! I'm going to buy the DEJAVU and FIND CD's once they're available again. Imagine, the moment they were released in SM stores in the Philippines, they were sold out in just a few hours! And a lot of people are still looking to buy. I hope they're going to release more units for Triple S who haven't bought yet. Support SS501 by buying original copies guys! If you haven't bought the REBIRTH album yet, I encourage you to buy. It's totally worth it!!!

So far, here are the albums I got in my collection... I'm buying some more of course!!!


Larazel said...!!/..thats why when i checked out their albums in sm's music stores..theres none..huhuh..its sold out na pala..!!

well,its still a good news.!!♥

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