Who's got their copies of the REBIRTH mini album? I hope most of you guys already have your own copy! If you've got it, then I'm sure you love the packaging right? The packaging is really great, and inside the album there are messages from our boys, complete with their signatures. But I'm sure most of you (including me), don't understand Hangul, so we're wondering what SS501's messages are. Well, mini UFO was kind enough to translate these messages for us.

HEO Young Saeng
Sank into deep memories.....
over the past period.....
Currently I.... still have this moment

KIM Kyu Jong
Very happy...
All of you have completed my dream...
Bowing and saying my thanks to you,
will always remember this happiness,
and continue to sing...
can't stop to dream - J.Dream

PARK Jung Min
1987.4.3 ~ 2*** year
one of the day
SS501 2008.06.08 (SS501's debut date)

KIM Hyung Jun
Present you with my music and voice....

KIM Hyun Joong
Ah! Just like the white egret...

Credit: Credit:SS601 + (Chinese translation)Mo@www.TripleSTW.com + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com
Repost only with full credits.


LyN said...

i really love young saeng's msg..it simple but full of meanings..yeah young saeng ah!! this is your moment! its SS501's moment! enjoy it! i like leader's too..at first i thought, what is an egret?..hehe..but then i found out that its a white bird with long attractive feathers! (correct me if im wrong)..then i said to myself, waahh!! this 4D leader!! its like this album will make them fly and show their attractiveness to the world!! for me, that's the meaning of his msg..

phtriples said...

yeah Lyn, i think so too. I didn't put any comment in Leader's message because I know most people would wonder, and i wanted to hear your opinions on what he means by it. :) i actually agree with your interpretation! ^_^ fly high ss501!

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