Here are pictures of SS501 from SBS Power Time Visual Radio. The boys are looking extremely gooooood!!! I can't get over how pretty these boys are. Even though they have no make up on, and they're just wearing their civilian clothes and rugged getup with hoods and jackets, caps and sunglasses... they are sooo handsome!!!

SS501 singing Love Like This at SBS Power Time Radio
Video Uploader: shirbogurl@YouTube

Tom & Jerry moment...

Prince Young Saeng is looking stylish and hot!!!

They look so good with their tongues out! LOL!

That's the SEXY CHARISMA attitude...
Credits: SBS Power Time Official website


Cris Alisasis said...

I love seeing Leader in a perky mode. ^_^

Karren168 said...

Kate, they are so adorable on these pictures!... i heard they are 501% more good-looking in person especially Kyu & Jung Min... the pictures & videos daw don't measure up to what they really look like ... so loving HJL sticking out his tongue, really trying his best to show the "Bad Boy" personality, though his face is quite angelic...

Raia said...

Mal's camwhoring. :)) HAHAHA
Thanks for sharing the pics~~

phtriples said...

@cris: i miss seeing leader's perkiness and playfulness too! ever since he finished BOF, he mellowed down a great deal. i wish we'd get to see more of the OLD perky 4d hyun joong. hehe.

@karren: you're right. so many fans have said that kyu and jung min are really a lot more handsome in person than in the pictures. i guess we'll just have to see for ourselves, huh? ^_^

@raia: you're welcome! love their camwhoring. wish they'd do it more! haha. miss seing their dorky sides.

LyN said...

LOL at the girl dj singing & dancing on the side..hehe..leader is in a good mood here huh?.

and of course..i can't help but to comment on young saeng's look!! very stylish!.i like his picture with jungmin..^_^

and the last picture, i really thought its leader with jungmin..if i haven't seen the other pictures, i will believe its leader..kyu!! emo much?..hehe..

phtriples said...

kyu and leader really look alike! haha! both kyu and jung min are known for their camera projection... and they're really working it out in the last pic. haha, i miss their selfcams!!!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday hyun joong (24)
ihope you can better...

triple S (frisky)

caniv said...

at the last pic, Kyu looks like Leader hohoho :D

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