Group SS501 will hold their 2nd concert in Shanghai on 14 November at Shanghai HongKou Football Stadium. Comparing to their immature first performance in Shanghai, this time SS501 will use their more matured and perfect performance to thank their fans in Shanghai. Gaining top position in major music charts with their new song 'Love Like This', they hope to prove that they are the truth Asia Pop Group via their Shanghai performance. Currently, ticket sales for Shanghai concert is very good, comparing to their 1st concert in China, their 1st day ticket sales has already surplus ticket sales of previous year. They have chosen the same T-shape extended stage which is similar to DBSK, all tickets closed to the extended stage was sold out.

Imitate DBSK, SS501 challenge HongKou and also used extended stage

This is not the first time SS501 is holding their concert in Shanghai, also they are closed friends with DBSK, therefore this time their Shanghai HongKou Football Stadium's concert will also imitate the stage of DBSK who had held their concert in HongKou around 1 month ago. Extending the stage to form a T-shape, this will shorten the distance between fans and the artist. 'Korean fans' are very supportive of this and currently seats which are closer to the T stage were almost sold out. Some fans even tried to analyse the position of which their favourite members like to stand before finalizing their seating location. From this we can see the 'professionalism' of the fans.

For safety, bodyguard are deployed, Kim Hyun Joong appeal for fans to save their energy for concert

Previously when DBSK, ShinHwa, Rain and other Korean star arrived in Shanghai, none was not surrounded by crowds of fans chasing after them and thus causing the airport and many places to be very chaotic and out of controlled. For their Shanghai concert this time, SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong expressed that he hope all fans should be more rational and put in all their energy and passion in the concert, in order to create the best effect concert together with 5 of them. However if fans definitely wanted to welcome them in the airport, he hope they will obey the rules of the airport and try not to affect other travellers. He believes SS501 fans are of high qualities.

Even so, their Korean management company will still deploy one professional bodyguard for each member, and requested the Shanghai organizer to employed another 20 securities to protect them 24-hour per day, this approach not only ensure the safety of the 5 members, but also to fully protect SS501's fans.

5 members with strong relationship, taking same transport and not separated.

Same like many idol groups who have close relationship like brothers, the 5 members of SS501 has requested to use at least a 9 seater (or bigger) vehicle to transport them around. All 5 of them wanted to be transport around in the same vehicle. Because of this, they don't even mind the brand or standard of the vehicle. For the entire trip, they have not list down any difficult reception requests. During the rehearsal and concert day, other than preparing their 3 meals, they have also requested additional staple food like sandwich, cake, chocolate and sweets.

Credit: Korea Sohu + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com
Repost only with full credits.

Good luck to all who will attend the Persona Shanghai! I'm so jealous... I know that it will be a another success for SS501 and Triple S. Take care of our boys, and I hope that no one gets hurt from SS501's arrival in the airport to the concert proper itself to the boys' departure back to Korea. I know you guys are all excited to see SS501, but it's best to make sure that there are no untoward accidents that will happen. Just like Leader-ssi said, Triple S fans are of high quality! Let's prove him right! Shanghai Persona, fighting! *Silently hoping for Persona in the Philippines as well!*


Mikai said...

I really like the color blue the more when I saw leader in blue coat ^_^. How I wish that countdown would be for PERSONA in PHILIPPINES.

phtriples said...

yes... how i wish the next countdown i'm going to post is for PERSONA in the Philippines!

Cris Alisasis said...

im still hoping they'd do a surprise fan meet in Manila after Persona Shanghai hehe... doesnt hurt to wish, does it? ^_^

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