SuperstarSubbing has subbed the uncut/unaired clips of SS501's guesting in KJE Chocolate Show. These videos contain interesting clips that would make you guys drool! I especially loved Mal and Saengie's bad boy expressions! It's a must watch guys! Both Sections 1 & 2 are now complete!




Mikai said...

Waiting for the next set with english sub ^_^

Cris Alisasis said...

OMG!!! Jung Min imitating Ga-in's bad ass facial expression on Abracadabra LOL! That was quite accurate Jung Min! Good job!!! ^__^

Oh Leader, I can totally relate to you.... The disappointment of downloading a movie (mine was a Korean Drama though) for hours/days only to find out in the end that the audio isn't working. LOL! I had to burn mine on a DVD/R though so I can finally hear the sound. >.<

Young Saeng will never succeed in pulling off a bad boy look, coz he's just too cute!!! <3

Larazel said...

..huhuh..really want to watch this clips..but it was already removed!!..huhuh..

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