Since I didn't have my Internet connection at home for almost 24 hours, I'm having severe withdrawal symptoms, so I'm compensating now by looking at A LOT of pictures and videos of SS501. Now I feel so much better! :) Seriously now, I wish the Champagne videos will be subbed soon, I don't wanna post them here without subs. I'm just gonna wait till the subs are out. Anyway, these photos are doing a lot to soothe my sadness last night. So bear with me. LOL.


Kim Hyun Joong

Heo Young Saeng

Kim Kyu Jong

Park Jung Min

Kim Hyung Jun

Young Saeng & Jessica Dancing "Gee"

Click to download all 32 pictures!


[1257615998_12121212-2.jpg] [1257615998_12121212-1.jpg]
*Credits as tagged on pics*


Mikai said...

Nice Pics! I'm really excited to view the clips with subs ^_^ Hmmm why was leader up side down there?

phtriples said...

maybe he was asked to do a dance exhibition. LOL! we'll know once the subs are out! can't wait! hehe!

Karren168 said...

Mikai, HJL did a really awesome, cool, sexy/hot dance (not vulgar at all) for one of the girl guest & this stunt was his last step... he really is an excellent dancer... the dance was so unlike their SS501 steps/routine ... i so wish he dance for me too :)

Anonymous said...

omo...please....y all the vid can't be open....please....I really need to watch this me please!!!!...i really need this cid with eng sub~

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