This is the 2nd video I made for SS501's Leader Kim Hyun Joong.

A guy who has the looks, the charms, the talents, and an out-of-this-world personality... all rolled into one 4D package. :)

Hyun Joong is dubbed "4D" because he has an out of this world way of thinking. And the best thing is that it works to his advantage! He is endearing this way.

Enter the 4D World Of Kim Hyun Joong!
Thanks for watching! :) Check out my other SS501 fanmade videos.

Video Uploader: phtriples@YouTube


mokona said...

first!!! always love your vids. ^^ lol .. such a dork with the wigs and crazy dance moves. i think the other members also rub off some of leader's 4D into themselves. ( jungmin not counted cos he's crazy in the first place XD haha.. lol)

Not to mention his fear of bugs!! That was a great laugh.. leader's truly unique in his own way. ^^

sha filan said...

waaa....the vid is so awesome!
i felt something in my eyes when watching back the cut clips from WGM...really missed those days!
by the way...i've notice a picture leader wearing jung min's giraffe hat(or cap? or something) in it from thank u for waking us up show? anyone can help?

phtriples said...

@sha filan: it's from "Thank You For Raising Me Up". :)

Anonymous said...

gd job... it's really nice to see leader's 4d-ness at one go.. haha...


LyN said...

great video..thanks for reminding me how i fell in love with our dear mind is only focused on young saeng recently that i forgot leader is the reason why i got to know SS501 in the first place!! love him during WGM days..i think i need to watch it again!! haha..during WGM, i saw the real kim hyun joong..i saw him being so happy, sad, awkward, frightened and can i say...inlove?..hehe..and everyone will agree that he is just so adorable..kinda miss this side of him..

thanks for sharing..^_^

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!!!!
I have exactly the same jacket as leader in :52

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