December 17, 2009

Fall Into 'HYUNJOONGism'

Our national senior, 'Senior Ji Hoo' , Kim Hyun Joong has successfully transform into Rainism bad-boy and brought a surprise to all.

On 16 Afternoon, Kim Hyun Joong appeared at the 'Fresh DK Party'. 450 fans participated in this activity. Kim Hyun Joong do not disappointed all and brought a wonderful performance.

Other than bringing his solo song "Please, be good to me", continued with his power dance, he put in extra effort in the encore song.

Because DK has requested Kim Hyun Joong to prepare more dance song to bring up the atmosphere. During the interview, he mentioned: "As I have only this solo dance song, therefore after serious consideration, and felt that I must give my fans a Christmas gift, so I have put in extra effort to practice the next performance, but because recently I am too busy, so if the performance is not so good, please forgive me! Seeing that I have put in a lot of passion and heart in this, please continue to support my performance." His modest confession immediately won thunderous applause.

Finally, the song that Hyun Joong brought to everybody was actually his senior, Rain's famous song 'Rainism'. This rhythmic and hot beat song completely show the males sexy body gestures and made the fans totally immersed into Hyun Joong's 'Hyun Joongism'.

Especially when Kim Hyun Joong was performing, his face always showed his usual cute and sweet smile, but his hands and body movement maintain the sexy dance movement and move according to the upbeat music. This had won cheers and applauses from his fans.

During that day, other than the 450 fans from local and oversea who were fortunate to see his performance on stage. Media from Japan, Taiwan and other Asia countries also arrivied after hearing about this. The activity went through smoothly. The entire program included Kim Hyun Joong's performance, charity auctions and other programs. The entire event lasted around 1.5 hour. The whole atmosphere of the activity allowed everybody present experienced the amazing charm of our national senior 'Senior Ji Hoo' in Asia market.

Credits: + (Chinese translation) + (English translation)

What else can I say? Hyun Joong really charms his way to people's hearts. Not just with his super hot dance moves, but the whole package!!! Awww, Leader. You make lots of girls HAPPY!!!


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