12/17 [news] SS501 Surprise Confession “Initial members are 7, not 5”

Popular male group SS501 attracted attention when they made a surprise confession that they are initially 7 members instead of 5.

In MBCGolden Fishery – Radio Star’ broadcasted on 16-Dec, SS501 replied to the question why the number of members is 5, “There were 7 of us when we were undergoing training, 2 members left because they had some issues.” At that time, HyungJoon was not in good terms with the 2 members.

Member JungMin explained the atmosphere at that time “At that time (the youngest in the group) these friends really listen to us very well (obedient) but HyungJoon would rebel when we say anything.”

HyungJoon explained “I was in rival with them at that time. These young (younger than me) teamed up and tortured me.” His unstoppable confession was done when he received 1 vote for ‘approve’ in the voting for removing members, giving laughter to ‘Radio Star’ MCs.

In addition, being asked “What would you do if you meet those friends now?” and HyungJoon replied “Firstly, I will reconcile the incident at that time and congratulate them on their debut” expressing his wish to have settle that matter and meet with a good mood.

Meanwhile in ‘Radio Star’, SS501 members’ frank talk captured much attention.

Credits : news@tvdaily.co.kr + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

What??! 7 members? We are hearing so many revelations these days from the boys. Not that I'm complaining... it's good to discover these things about them. They initially were going to debut with 7 members? SS701?! What do you think?


mokona said...

OMG!!! with so many updates, i can't wait to watch it with English subs. XD SS701? that sounds really weird?

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