SS501 and Kim Hyun Joong are nominated in Japan's 'INNOLIFE AWARDS', and the boys need our help again Triple S. Here's the voting method... get those fingers workin'!

Voting Method:

Step 1: Go to each of these links, choose the one you want to vote

1: Category Best Drama: (Vote for Boys Over Flowers) CLICK HERE

2: Category Best Male Actor: (vote for Hyun Joong) CLICK HERE

3: Category Best Singer: (vote for SS501) CLICK HERE

4: Category Korean new wave: (vote for Hyun Joong) CLICK HERE

Step 2: Then, press the Vote button at the bottom go to next page.

Step 3: Fill in your email and press the button to vote in this page. One email can vote only once but can use for all four categories (use email with .com ending, like

Step 4: Check your email for confirmation email

Step 5:
Press the link in the middle of the email to confirm voting, you must do this step to confirm your vote.

Step 6: Repeat each step for each links on step one

NOTE: Even though one email can vote only once, you can vote using different email address

Credits: Baidu SS501 bar + (English Method) ss501fighting


Anonymous said...

can't vote.. may pop-up message na lumalabas.. and i dont know what it says! *frustrated sigh*

phtriples said...

did you follow the steps carefully? coz me, I can vote easily... if in doubt, you can copy the message in the popup and translate it using google translate.

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