We know now that Jung Min owns the online shopping mall of Royal Straight Flash, a male fashion line which he started with his friend. He didn't tell the public about it before, but during the Golden Fishery - Radio Star show, he revealed it to the public finally. And with the magic of media, the site that has previously 0 visitors, now have over 600,000 visitors! Amazing right?! Well, that's to be expected with Mal's popularity. :) But apparently, our Jung Minnie is shocked with this huge turnout. But he's deliriously happy, of course! Read the message he left in DSP website.

NOTE: PLEASE DON'T REPOST THE TRANSLATION BELOW ANYWHERE! I specifically asked permission from xiaochu to repost this article that she translated, and she kindly gave me permission. You can't take this out, if you want to repost it, you have to ask permission from her first. Visit QUAINTE and ask for her permission. Please respect the translator by complying. Thank you!

12/04 [diary] JungMin, ‘Wang.Kkam.Nol’

Wang.Kkam.Nol 2009-12-04 2:17:22am

When I logged in, this child turned around to look and got a shock.
It has turned for the better?
Which made this child beside me turn around...TT TT
Please turn your whole body around... Jang HeeJin team leader noona... keke


Hello? This is representative Park.. Park sajang (president).
Totally shocked...
I was really shocked by the 600,000 over visitors.
All thanks to you, there is also misrepresentation shopping...!! TT TT (Caught you right there~!! J o b r)
The brand’s self-esteem... lies on me...! ^^
The painful memories that I forget while I live on...
Everything will be reborn again in awhile to a great place~ look forward to it,
Before then, please continue to come by and browse through to your hearts content.. TT TT
We have specific operating hours, so~ please don’t call at late hours and don’t make prank calls..!
Well then, browse around when you have time.
See You Later~

Credits : SS501.dspenter.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


mokona said...

that was amazing! its a no wonder, haha i was one of them to visit his site and browse through the things on sale. Not bad really, the vest and boots are really nice. hope mal's business gets better in the future ^^ glad that he is happy abt the sudden change in his online shopping mall.
thank you so much for posting this kate. haha saying goodbye in different languages, so mal XD

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