December 4, 2009

SS501 Songs Played On Piano!

I love the piano and although I'm NOT very good at it, I am inspired listening to people play awesome pieces! Just like this girl who plays SS501 songs on the piano (thanks to sha filan for the tip in the shoutbox). I am just BLOWN AWAY with this girl's talent... simply amazing! And she has a great voice too! You'll get a lot of goodies from her in her YouTube channel... from SS501 piano covers to her very own vocal renditions! I wish I could just embed everything here, but since I can't, you guys might as well visit 1021yohan in YouTube. She also has piano covers for Wasteland, Obsess, Green Peas, and Love Like This! Below, let's listen to her beautiful renditions of Only One Day, You Are My Heaven, Wings Of The World, and SS501 Rebirth Songs Medley! She's so talented! You're officially my idol, girl!

Only One Day (Piano Cover)

Only One Day (Vocal)

You Are My Heaven (Vocal)

Wings Of The World (Vocal)

SS501 Rebirth Songs Medley


Jen said...

I agree! she's so talented, I wish I could play by ear.

The weird thing is I happened to stumble upon her channel yesterday hehe

LyN said...

wow!! this girl is so great!! she's very talented..i hope someday SS501 will get to see this and give her proper credit..she's just awesome!! love how she did the rebirth songs medley..great job!

sha filan said...

i'm so jelous with her talent...
lucky her to have one..hehe
at least we also can enjoy the playing too...hehehe

Cris Alisasis said...

this reminded me of a girl on youtube who also posted her own piano version of my favorite jrock song. the jrock band actually saw the youtube video and got them inspired to release a track on their next album that was inspired by that piano version. ^___^

i hope ss501 will see this and can get inspiration from it. maybe someone could leave them a mesage on their site with the YT link perhaps? ^___^

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