Yes, they kissed!

SS501 and Kara were cast in a recent recording of SBS Intimate Note 2. Being in the same agency, DSP Entertainment, the two groups showed their close bond and relationship with one another and during the show, SS501's Kim Kyu Jong revealed that he has seen Hyun Joong and Young Saeng kiss. He commented, "On Young Saeng's past birthday, I saw him kiss." He then put Hyun Joong on the spot light saying, "From now on, discuss this issue with that person [who he kissed]."

It was later revealed that the two had to kiss because of a game they played at Young Saeng's birthday party. But SS501's Jung Min poured gasoline on the fire saying, "There is this kind of atmosphere in the team. Hyun Joong and Young Saeng's awkward atmosphere."

Regarding the "awkward atmosphere," Young Saeng commented, "We [Young Saeng + Hyun Joong] are close, but weirdly I can't seem to talk to him well." Hyun Joong then added, "Out of 365 days, I see Young Saeng for about 290 days. To other members, I can speak comfortably saying, 'Hey, you *****'. But to Young Saeng, I can't." He also added, "When the other members are late, I get angry at them. But when Young Saeng is late, I tell him 'it's ok' without realizing it."

Also on the show, the question of "Which person is the most popular amongst celebrities" was asked, and Young Saeng answered that it would be Kara's Seung Yeon. He then revealed a story from the past, where a male singer asked him if he can introduce him to Seung Yeon. Young Saeng commented, "It was when I met this singer. He told me that Seung Yeon is really cute and requested if he can meet with her. But I turned it down." Seung Yeon then added, "I heard this story before, but he didn't tell me who it was."

Stay tuned to this exciting broadcast of Intimate Note 2.

Source: allkpop

The awkward couple kissed! Hahaha! Can't wait to see the whole show with subs! This is bound to be interesting. Hyun-Saeng fans! What do you say? But I hope those who read this news and say that they're gays, should just go ahead and get to know these guys first before making absolutely unfounded conclusions about the boys. To Triple S fans though... it's all for fun. We know the truth and we love these boys, so yeah... ^_^


mokona said...

ok.. jaw dropping new >_< haha.. i once had a friend who was kinda like hyun-saeng couple. i was the gemini and my other friend was a scorpio like YS. we were really close friends back then ^^ its a no wonder that leader forgives Ys when he's late, cos i often do that to my close scorpio friend as well :P can't wait to watch the shows with subs too >_<

xinni said...

yeah me too...cant wait for the show...

Cris Alisasis said...

some of my girl friends have kissed each other... i, myself, kiss (just a smack) my bestfriend on her lips, LOL. but there was no malice, whatsoever. so i guess its ok for men to do it too? *shrugs*

well, it was just because of a game they played during young saeng's birthday. im sure its not some "passionate kiss" or anything of its kind.

awwwww... seung yeon is my favorite Kara member... <3

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