Yippee! Golden Fishery is being subbed by ltstraus! I'm so excited to watch this show. All parts are now out! Enjoy watching! Thanks lstraus! :)

Video Uploader: lstraus@YouTube


Anonymous said...

i feel sorry for baby.. it must be so embarrassing for him..

LyN said...

so the reason why YS & baby are the one who needed self introduction is because its their first time in the show!! wooh! glad that its been cleared..i feel bad for the both of them when i first heard that..

kim gura likes YS! well who wouldn't?..hehe..YS looks nervous about it..LOL

i feel bad for baby getting bullied again..but u can see here that the members cares for him a lot..we can even see jungmin patting his back as if saying..it alright baby..this is just for the show..*how sweet*

can't wait for the other parts..^_^

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