Leader Hyun Joongie went out of his way to write a message in their DSP official website for the fans! Usually, it's Kyu and Baby who leave messages, so this is a rare treat! A rare thing, but much appreciated from Leader! Of course, we all want to know what he said, right? So just go ahead and read it...

Hyun Joong's Message on DSP

[Hyun Joong].............. 2009-12-06 3:00:57

Haven’t written for a long time^^ Everybody is doing fine right?
You’re reading this message because you have been doing fine right? Because I forgot my ID and password
I made a call to KyuJong and borrowed his ID... I really can't remember..
I definitely remembered it was HyolJoong.........kekekekekekekekeke
Now, we completed the last broadcast for 2009, and just want to speak my thoughts
Year 2009 to me is very precious and busy, I parted and met with many people
I was so busy that I don’t even have time to breathe but kept on running..
This year too... I have 'Boy over Flowers' which I met with 'JiHoo Sunbae', Asia Tour, Rebirth album
And other various stuffs... After all these things and now looking back, the reasons for the one year is?
I think I lived it well-filled but even though there are definitely some things that I felt regretful on,
But regretting over an already past thing... What's the point of regretting. - -;;
First of all, I would like to say sorry
I said I will leave a message once a month but using busy as a reason
I didn’t care about it to the extent that I even forget the password...
Last time, few years ago I made a promise that I will let Kim HyunJoong..
SS501 and their fans feel proud about themselves and not regret..
So from then on, I worked very hard to live with making music even until now
Well even now in that way........... well..................even though
The road that we must go is long
Until now the life of a supporter, recently seems like it is called act of fan right... ^^;;; is that right?
Is it meaningful being a fan???
As a singer, as an actor, as an entertainer, I will work even harder to make it more meaningful for you
There is nothing else I can do beside this..
Well. It is not like it will slowly die off....
But frankly speaking, I had thought about what would I do if you find that it has become not meaningful anymore keke
I am also like that, when I get stuck to one restaurant, by only going there, I will get sick of it in a moment kekeke
So for me, I will become a restaurant with a lot of (variety in) menus kekeke
Getting sick of it, but you can still eat this or that, who about that???????
Am I saying something too difficult?
I have a lot that I want to show it to you in the future, please look forward and in year 2010,
I will show you something newer
Good songs, cool dances, interesting stories, good products/works
I wish you be happier. Because I did this
Please watch over me more, I will try to do better, please support me more~~
Even though there is not many days left for year 2009...end it off well and welcome year 2010 ^^
I will be 25 in year 2010 - - this is x
My mustache grows out again at night, it is tough for idol kekekekekeke
Even so, I will properly manage myself to be sharp and gorgeous for next year too
Thank you for reading until here. I have nothing to write after this…..
To express my gratitude, I will play 'Thank You'
You believed it??? kekeke

Credits: DSP Message Board + (Chinese translation)xinhm@hyunjoongchina.com + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com & xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Here's the original message in Hangul...

[현중].............. 2009-12-06 오후 3:00:57

오래간만의 글이야^^ 다들잘지냈지?

잘지냈으니까 이글을 보는거겟지?아무튼 나는 아이디비밀번호를 까먹어서

규종이한테 전화해서 아이디를빌렸어 ...기억이안나네 ..

분명이 횰중 이었는데 말이야.........ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

이제 2009년 마지막 방송을하고 하고싶었던 애기들하려고

2009년 나에게는정말 값지고 바쁘고 그만큼 많은사람과 헤어지고

만나고정말 거짓말많이보태면 눈코뜰세없이숨도안쉬고 달려왔던것같아..

이번년도 ...지후선배를만나게해준 꽃남 아시아투어 리버스앨범 그리고각종

일들...을 격고난뒤 지금뒤를돌아보니까 일년이란시간을 나름은?

알차게보냈다고 생각해 분명이 아쉬웠던것들도 있지만 후회한들

이미지난 이야긴걸...후회해봤자 뭐 어쩌겠나.ㅡㅡ;;

우선은 미안하다는말을좀하고싶어

한달에한번씩은 글써준다는게 너무 바쁘다는핑계거리로

비밀번호도 까먹을정도로 신경못써줬다는거...

예전에 몇년전에 내가그런약속했지 꼭 김현중이란..ss501란 사람과

사람들의 팬으로써 자부심느끼고 자랑스럽고 후회없이


나름 독하게 그때부터 열심히하고지금까지도 악작같이 살아왔어

뭐지금도 그리...........뭐..................한참을


지금까지 팬생활 요즘은 팬질이라고 다들하더라고..^^;;;아닌가?

팬생활들은 재미나세요???

가수로써 연기자로써 예능인으로써 더노력해서 재미나게해줄께요

내가할수있는게 어런것밖에없어서..

뭐.지금까지는 압으로 점점 없어지는건아닌지....

재미없고 실증나게되면 어떨지 솔직히 그런생각들도 해봤어 ㅋㅋ

나도그러거든 한식당꽂히면 거기만가다가 금세 질려버리고ㅋㅋㅋ

나는 그니까 메뉴가많은 식당이될꺼야 ㅋㅋㅋ

질리다 이거먹고저거 먹고할수있는그런거???????

너무 어려운애기만하나 나?

압으로 보여주고싶은것들이 너무많아 기대하고 2010년에 더새로운거

보여줄께 좋은노래 멋진춤 재미있는이야기 좋은작품

행복해졌으면 좋겠다 내가이런것들을해서

더지켜주고 더잘해볼께 더응원해줘 ~~

2009년 얼마남지않았지만...마무리잘들하고 2010년을맞이해^^

2010년이면25이다 ㅡㅡ 이런x

수염이밤에또나서 아이돌힘들어 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

그래도 내년에도 팔팔하고 샤방하게관리잘할께

자금까지 읽어줘서고마워이런뒤서없는글 .....

그러는의미에서 고맙다 띄어드리겠습니다

And that's not all, he even chatted with the fans at TKO. Here is a snapshot from the chatroom. The ones with the trans are Leader's messages. Thank you so much xiaochu for translating!

**Note from xiaochu: Please note that some sentence may not make sense since i did not check on the whole conversation. And some of it I really dont understand what he's talking about, so some blanks here and there...and the red words means I'm totally not sure if it's correct...


Credits : SS501.dspenter.com + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

And yet another translation from Violet! Leader is soooo 4D!

[Eng Trans] Hyun Joong TOK Message
Korean to English translation by violet / liezle's blog

(he didn't seem to change his keyboard setting.)
Is there such thing? It's amazing. It's like chatting.
I am Hyunjoong though. kkk
Someone hacked into my ID --
My office said that they would find (my ID).
Yes, kill him. kk
joking joking kk
I haven't eaten yet. kk
In fact I don't know how to upload the song.
I'm a computer illiterate.
Because it is troublesome to copy the lyrics.
Good luck for exams~~
I have been to San Fran.
Because my friend lives in LA, be sure to see if i go there.
15 points for Maths?? Must forge your report card. kk
Shingi(manager) also (lives) in Iksan.
Because there are a lot of words, not that i am ignoring. k
Well, how about tour the provinces? kk
I like Chaeyoung noona too. kk
Eonjeong(fan's name) Eonjeong ok? kkk
(fans asked him to call their names. he started to call fan's name. but he intentionally called the wrong name.)
Jigoo kkk Jigoo (her name is Jisoo.)
Soodal(fan's nickname), good luck for the exam.
Hyunjoonghlic, good fur for the exam too.
Dayeon Yoonhee Hyeji Jiyeon Myoungjin Jisoo Junghyeon
(he called the right name again.)
Ah, Seona
Don't you study????? Though it's the exam period.
Yeseul Eonjeong Yoonhee
Damsom Minji
I won't do anymore. End~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!
I'm not calling names anymore.
Pay to listen to ("Thank you")
Coming to the concert kkk
Me? Where do I live in jamsil????? Are you going to come and bother me if you know that?
About the encore concert, I will ask to the president.
Yes, cheaper, it will be possible if I won't get my guarantee. kk
I will give you at least 1000 won cheaper, if there is. kkk
Hey, is there anyone who can play Starcraft?
I will make my ID.
Enter into Asia and come to the channel SS501.


Karren168 said...

Finally! After a looong time... "something" from KHJ to show us Triple S that he appreciates us :)... I hope he also knows Triple S Phils. exist :)

Oh those Triple S that were able to chat with KHJ are so lucky :)

Hope to "hear" more from all SS501 MEN all the time :)

phtriples said...

Yeah, the fans there in the chatroom are so lucky! Wish I could be there too! ^_^

LyN said...

waahh leader never fails to amazed me..comparing himself to a restaurant with lots of menus?..haha..i will never get tired of eating there if that's the case..LOL..fans are so lucky to be able to talk to him..and kyu is so sweet letting him borrow his ID..i saw screenshots of starcraft and i feel happy for leader for being able to have fun even for just a short period of time..

now i wish saengi would leave a msg too..did he leave a msg before? even once? i saw msgs from the 4 of them but i didn't see even one msg from YS..*sad*

Cris Alisasis said...

those rare messages are the sweetest ones... <3

and no, leader, i won't get tired of you & your music... i can grow old with it. ^__^

wow, lucky fans who were able to chat with leader. wish i was there too and can speak korean. :(

lol @ forging the report card... crazy hyun joong! hahahaha!!!

i wonder why he asked who plays starcraft? O_O

it should be "enter asia... come to the philippines, ss501!" ...hehehe! XD

Anonymous said...

yes they're so lucky hope the boys would also know that they also have fans here in the philippines,just for them to know that we're here masaya na rin ako don. ang saya nya kausap parang ang gulo ramble ang topic,pero infairness it's fine kahet anu pa sya we accept him for who he is,tsaka mas naapreciate ko pa sya ngayon.well all the boys are so appreciative baet2x din talaga ni kyu di sya madamot to share his ID. more power to you boys we luv you all hope you visit us here in the philippines.

Mikai said...

He's about to play starcraft online and inviting the fans to play with him.

I just can't imagine how busy the server that time and how many fans keep on trying to enter that channel just to play with leader wakekeke

phtriples said...

even if he's the only restaurant in town, i won't EVER get tired of eating there! ^_^ hahaha! playing starcraft? he is soo cute!

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