In order to celebrate Christmas, SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong suggested play Sudden Attack online game together with his fans, giving them a special Christmas gift.

On 25 December, Christmas Day, Kim Hyun Joong left a message on the official site. "Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. I spend the Christmas together with Young Saeng, it was very fun." The message made his fans very happy.

After that, Kim Hyun Joong responded with comments and chat with fans in the DSP TOK live chatroom. During the chat, he suggested to his fans "Lets play the Sudden Attack.", and directly went to setup his own game room and revealed his password to welcome his fans to join in the game.

Kim Hyun Joong used 'Samjangbeopsa and Mangaji' (the character Monk & Horse in 'Journey to West') nickname to play together with 15 fans. They play on 8 - 8 for a bombing mission. In the game, Kim Hyun Joong had friendly conversation with his fans, totally show his 'next door boy' style. During the game, from time to time, he will exchange team to play with different fans.

After Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Kyu Jong also left message in the official site on Christmas eve and Christmas Day itself, making his fans very happy. SS501 fans saying happily: "Kim Hyun Joong & Kim Kyu Jong, we can feel your Christmas wishes every moment, your care for fans made us very touched."

During the chat, Kim Hyun Joong said: "Better don't play game, else another embarrassing news will be released." However, after 30 seconds, he changed his mind and said: "Lets play Sudden Attack." His ever changing thinking showed his '4D unimaginable' side.

Not long ago, Kim Hyun Joong also played online game Star Craft together with his fans. Giving a totally different fan service.

Credit: jknews + (Chinese translation) 妃茵 + (English translation)

How on earth does he come up with random weird nicknames like Samjangbeopsa and Mal?! Hahaha! I am so amused with Leader's 4Dness. He can change his mind in a heartbeat. LOL. Those fans are sooooo lucky to be able to chat and play with him! And he is soooo sweet to be doing such fan service. Thank you Leader!!!


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