I love these photographs of Maknae from Music High Broadcast 09.12.22. He looks fresh and fragrant in his cool red Abercrombie & Fitch shirt. I actually really like Baby's hairstyle this way. I didn't like his red wild hair during the LLT promotions. With his hair styled down like this, he looks more like a baby, do you agree?

Video Uploader: 3kimheoparkss501@YouTube

Credits: as tagged on pics


mokona said...

yes i agree.. maknea looks really cute in these pics. Thanks for posting them here for me to drool on his cuteness XD haha.. i kinda much preferred this hairstyle compared to LLT period hairstyle.(too wild for me :P)
He looks like a darker version of his brother kim bum from U_kiss..but still cute ^^
Did he switch on his webcam during this radio show? ohh... can't wait to see it(if there is.. )

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