This is a series of videos I'm making for SS501 as a group. For those who are just starting to know about SS501, learn to love these 5 guys not just because of their awesome talents, but because of their beautiful personalities. They're a one-of-a-kind idol group, and if you just take the time to get to know them, you'll love them for life. For Triple S fans, fall in love with the boys over and over again. I'll update this post when I upload more videos. Hope you like 'em!

Part 1 - Wings Of The World

Part 2 - That's What Friends Are For

Part 3 - Enter The Wacky World Of SS501

Part 4 - The Dreamers

Part 5 - SS501 As Lovers

Part 6 - SS501 & Green Peas

Part 7 - SS501 As Dorks

Part 8 - SS501 Is Unbreakable

Part 9 - SS501, Always And Forever

Part 10 - SS501, Five Forever As One
Videos by: phtriples@YouTube


mokona said...

great vids.. my eyes went teary when wings of the world played. But the song suited the video very well.

Ha ha.. SS501 playing around in What are friend for. Laughed the most in "enter the wacky world of SS501" or should i say dorky?
their such dorks sometimes :P
young saeng seem like he's having alot of fun in the making of "coward" MV. And of course jung min's smelly feet is driving him and the others mad..haha..

Anonymous said...

I love these videos. Great Job!

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