Hey guys, I heard that Leader is with Jae Joong right now in Vancouver? Hmm... check out Liezle's blog for more info. I know we're all impatient since there are no news about the boys, hopefully we'll get to see pictures soon. Anyway, let's backtrack a little bit for now. Do you guys remember MNET's "The Mission"? It's a show wherein our boys did a series of missions during their stay in Japan. There was a mission where SS501 members had to hold a mini-event and they had to create their own flyers for the performance. I was actually looking for this for a long time. I have always been fascinated with the boys' drawings. Hmm... they say one can actually have a glimpse of a person's character by just looking at their drawings, would you agree? Who do you think has the best flyer among the 5?

Hyun Joong's Flyer

Young Saeng's Flyer

Kyu Jong's Flyer

Jung Min's Flyer

Hyung Jun's Flyer
Credit: SS601.com


mokona said...

young saeng's looks really nice, much like a anime character ^^
jung min's really cute, he even wrote japanese! how nice, so that the japanese fans could understand XD

Anonymous said...

All! But Jung Min's seems the best. :D

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