December 1, 2009

Park Jung Min - I'm Too Sexy

For my next video, it's Park Jung Min on the spotlight! YouTube plainly refuses to host my video, it's rejecting my audio because of copyright issues, so I had to look for another site. Good thing there's Vimeo.

I used three songs for Mal in this video. I would have separated it into 2 parts, but I thought I should just fuse it all together. Besides, just one song isn't enough to give him justice. Hehehe. I just had to use Right Said Fred's "I'm Too Sexy", because I think it really suits him. After all, he is the epitome of sexiness. SS501's Sexy Charisma. Song #2, "Nice & Slow" by Usher, gives that sexy, R&B-ish feeling that Jung Minnie usually gives me... I mean, just imagine him saying that spoken part in the beginning. Won't you just totally melt? And of course, the 3rd song is his solo song, "Here". It's like saying, "I'm here, love me." It's soooo like Mal.

For Mal, this equation just about sums it up for me: Jung Min = FUN. I hope you guys like the video! Kindly pause and wait for it to load first. Comments and reactions are welcome. ^_^ See more of my fanmade videos.


Anonymous said...

can i ask, where do you make your videos?

d2 na rin po kau mag reply :D

phtriples said...

hi, i use windows movie maker. ^_^

mokona said...

it so worth the wait! u have said it all kate, u have captured the essence of all malness in this vid! this vid is so jungminnie!
ok great points abt the vid : O:15-0:21 crazy mal self introduction ^^ ROFL!
really cute hair at 01:02, when did he have that hair stlye? i once saw it on the recently subbed star golden bell.
01:17: so agree with the infectious smile, though i prefer young saeng's ^^ (hope to see one for young saneg)
02:22-02:25 crazy class behavior, great laughs there ^^
03:45-04:00 the king of pout. yup nobody does it like jung min ^^ he's been doing that alot lately huh?
And that evil smirk of his is unmistakeably mal.
definitely a laugh at 04:14-04:18 when kyu was imitating mal at the back XD so much fun to look at XD
05:02-05:09 OMG! he even did a sexy wave at the exit, so mal.
Ah~ the breaking of the pants at the end of the video was unforgettable ^^

this is like a tribute to all things mal. thanks you so much for your hard work and effort that u have put into this, and letting us love mal even more.
i really enjoyed the video.

phtriples said...

wow! that was pretty detailed mokona! well said! thank you enumerating your favorite points in the vid. really appreciate it! glad you enjoyed the video. *hugs*

quizzy said...

kate!!! wow... u just made my day.. u see i was really stressful!! waaaahh.. thnaks a bunch? puede bko humingi ng copy... pls pls plssssss....

quizzy :)

Anonymous said...

waaa~ i love it!! can't help but play it again & again & again... ^^

- gabby

Anonymous said...

tnx po! btw, cool video of mal

akee said...


love teh video! as in~
feeling ko kahit sinong manood nito maco-convert ng bonggang-bongga sa ating pinakamamahal na kabayo. love it to the max!<33

bagay pa yung kanta sa background. aliw na aliw ako sa im too sexy. pati yung sa lyrics tulad ng sa hat, modeling etc katugma ng pic mo. tuwang-tuwa ako.

maganda rin yung rnb parang gusto ko na sya idownload at si jung min lang maiisip ko. kaya lang kasi dun sa part na yun puro comedy kaya tawa ako ng tawa!<33

sa last part bagay yung kanta nya. natouched ako. love it!<33 yun yung part na mapapa-"awww" ka.

thanks thanks! si saengie naman! :P lulz

phtriples said...

hehe, thanks akee! tinugma ko tlga yung pics sa kanta. hehe. buti nman okay ang labas. ;) si saengie, gagawan ko din. pero parang last ata sya. hehe.

@gabby & quizzy, mokona: thanks guys!

MAL fighting!

lhynken said...

nice work! i enjoyed watching it, can't help but smile and laugh watching Mal. looking forward for your more self made videos dedicated to SS501.

SS501 fighting!

Anonymous said...

super gnda ng vid ni MAL..nkakatuwa xiang panuorin...sya ngpapasaya ng araw ko bukod kei BEBE.ahhaha


Villagehorse said...

Thanks for sharing :)
I love Min Mal so much :D

Anonymous said...

ahh thank u so muck, i loved it :P

thatunicornlover said...

omg MAL!!! anw, im from sgtriples and i have alr posted a comment on the video you put up there! go see!!! :D omg LOVE MAL FOREVER.

jaz:) said...

ate kate !
woah ! love this vid ! u did a great job ! jung min ! he really is the SEXY CHARISMA,KING OF POUT, SMIRK MASTER, MAL of SS501 ! may nakalimutan ba ko sa mga nickname nia ?? hahah ..

mokona said...

there's a sgtriples? OMG! i'm from sg too XD

Anonymous said...

hihi...i would like to know where u get all the jung min photo from as he is one of my fav in u can reply...

violettacal said...

Oh gosh! To think I almost missed this wonderful clip made by you! Love the 2nd part most. Fits our smexay Mal to the T! ^^ You truly deserve a standing ovasion. Can I request more, pwetty pweese?

P.S. TripleS Sg has yet got a chance to see SS501 and I, am going crazy. ~.~

LyN said...

LOL! first time seeing could i miss this when i always visit ur blog everyday..hehe..jungmin really is the king of pout! i saw lots of pics & video clips that i haven't seen before..thanks for sharing..

the part of usher's song when he spelling out his name and we can see jungmin doing the body wave is so sexy..i feel like i want to to it with him! LOL..♪♪♪ call out my name..they call me U.S.H.E.R. R.A.Y.M.O.N.D. ♪♪♪ whoa love this part..

and of course can't forget the last part where jungmin broke his pants..i played it over & over again..that vid really cracked me up the first time i saw it..and until now!!

btw, what's the title of the last song? thanks again for sharing..can't wait for ur vid of YS!

phtriples said...

@LyN: the last song is Jung Min's solo "Here"

@preciousone: i got the pics all around the Net, no specific source...

@violettacal: i'll try to make more, if time permits :)


Anonymous said...

hello =]

you did a good job on that video ^^
can you please, please, pretty please tell me where i can see the full video of jung min in the bathroom (starting at 00:28)? xD

pia said...

WAHHH..ate...sayang wala to sa there anyway na madownload to?? pls...

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