Oh boy! I was just about to go to sleep, when I saw these uber handsome photos of Hyun Joong from his Hotsun Chicken Promotional Photoshoot. The photos are super clear, so better click on them to ENLARGE. See Leader in bursting colors... in a cute little pink hanbok... and a crisp white shirt and blank pants. Pheew! He really is the exact definition of HANDSOME, isn't he? And he's so comfortable posing for the camera now. Makes me look back at those pre-debut days when he couldn't even muster a smile during photoshoots. Back then, he didn't even know how to smile without looking awkward. Now, look at him... quite the young professional.

But first, let's look at this photo making interview of Hyun Joong on set. It's good to see that he's being playful again. He's sooooo cute at the 0.29 - 0.35 mark, I could squeeze him! He looks like a little boy. I miss seeing this side of Leader. I hope it shows more often.

Video Uploader: NulSaRangHae@YouTube

Credits: SSTV


sha filan said...

soooooooooo charminng!!!!!!!!!! otookajee?????

Anonymous said...

shillang!!!! *faint* *faint*

- gabby

Online Finance Courses said...

Really good! Very attractive photo shoot........

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