I was able to watch the Strong Heart broadcast last night, but I was really frustrated because I couldn't understand a thing! Kyu Jong and Young Saeng were guests, and Hwang Bo was also there. I was waiting all night for Kyu and Saengie's turn. But only Kyu told his story. I wonder why YS didn't speak at all. Anyway, here's Kyu's story about his father which brought tears to his eyes and to some of the other guests. I was teary eyed after I watched this cut. Kyu really is such a sweet guy and he has a strong heart. Thank you to iBreatheLifeMusic for the fast subbing! Please do not repost in YouTube or in any other video streaming websites.

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12/02 [news] SS501 Kim Kyu Jong talked about him swelling with tears upon seeing his father’s image of carrying cabbages

SS501 Kim KyuJong talked about him swelling with tears upon seeing his father’s image of carrying cabbages.

Kim KyuJong challenged to be the topic king in SBS ‘Strong Heart’ broadcasted on 1-Dec with the topic ‘My Hero Kim HongBok’. Kim KyuJong said “My father was a National team archery player who held 4 world records. We have bows and arrows in our house. Marks will be left on the calf when we got hit by the arrows.”

Kim KyuJong continued “Because our family financial condition is not well off, my father had to give up sports and started a snack stall. Even though business was good, we were being forced out because of people who use their fists (gangsters?). He had no choice but to come to Seoul alone to make money.”

Kim KyuJong added “I went for auditions since middle school because I wanted to be a singer, but I was only succeeded after 4 years when I was in 3rd year high school. So I came over to Seoul but didn’t even have a place to sleep. I had to stay at my father’s place, and that is when I knew my father had been staying in his office.”

Kim KyuJong said “During my trainee days, the members would treat me to meals. And so I really wanted to treat them back for once so I went to ask for pocket money from my father. That was the first time I saw my father working. He was wearing only a sweatshirt and carrying/transporting cabbages.”

Kim KyuJong confessed “It is not a bad thing but I felt weird because I always see my father as a brilliant and dignified person. I wanted to turn around and leave but my father called to me and gave me a big amount of 100,000won. I took the money but it pains my heart and tears swelled up. I reflected on myself for being so immature.”

Kim KyuJong also said “I came to understand my father’s hardship when I stepped into the society, and I promise myself to be a great father too in the future. Even if my father is not doing well, we will accomplish our promises together, so strive on and I love him.” He continued to move the guests “I hope that my father can be reborn again with a strong heart.”

Credits : macondo@newsen.com + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

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