[News] Park Jung Min will attend Japan 1st Bride Competition as judge

member Park Jung Min will become judge for the 'Pretty Bride 2010 in Japan - Cutest Bride Championship Competition' held at 2 February 2010.

Guest judges has been finalized! They are Japan First Lady, Hatoyama Yuki; Actor Mr Mikihisa Azuma; comedian group Un-Jash's Watanabe Ken and popular in Japan, korean idol group SS501's Park Jung Min and Bridal designer Katsura Yumi.

Final Qualifying Round Detail

'Pretty Bride 2010 in Japan - Cutest Bride Championship Competition'

Date: 2 February 2010
Venue: The Prince Park Tower Tokyo
Final Qualifying Contestant: 30

Selection criteria:
1. Self-examination PR
2. Examination of Wedding Dresses

Contents of examination may change.

Judges: Hatoyama Yuki, Katsura Yumi
Hatoyama Yuji, Mikihisa Azuma, Watanabe Ken, Park Jung Min (SS501), Katsura Yumi

Credits: SS501 Japan Site + (Chinese translation)Chiri@Tieba Baidu + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com

Our very own Mal, a judge in a Bridal competition?! Wow! Well, we know that JM is very much into fashion, that's why he opened up a Men's Fashion store online (Royal Straight Flush) in the first place. So, no doubt, he's very much qualified to be one of the judges. Go Park Jung Mal!


mokona said...

GO mal!! XD woots!!! i'm just sort of surprised to see mal in it ^^ with his fluent japanese i'm sure he will bring lots of laughs and fun to the show. wonder how he was chosen as judge? :P

phtriples said...

i wonder about that myself... i guess among the members, he's the most knowledgeable in terms of fashion... i dunno. :P

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