12/07 [News] Flower Boy Actor Kim Hyun Joong showing his 4D world once again


member Kim Hyun Joong in the recent broadcast SBS TV Talkshow 'Strong Heart' mentioned 'have experience of staying together with ghost', making the guest shocked.

He said "There is a ghost that always came to the house that I stayed in. The ghost said he will leave but he didn't so in the end we lived together." His claims made the panel of guests who attended felt absurd.

Other than that, Kim Hyun Joong also talked about some out of his expectation incident and event during his High School period, totally didn't disguise his 4 dimension artist image.

Kim Hyun Joong 'Fantasy Story' will be broadcast on 11.05pm, 8 December.

Credits: tvdaily.co.kr + (Chinese translation) Tiff@hyunjoongchina.com
(English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com + XiaoChu @ Quainte501.com


LOL. Our 4D Leader strikes again! Now he reveals he lives with a ghost?! Haha. I guess no matter what he does, his 4Dness will always show. That's already part of his charm! I can't wait to see the whole show with subs. ^_^


Cris Alisasis said...

Random: I just noticed Leader's middle finger was raised on that pic. LOL. I know it wasnt intentional, but its just funny to look at. XD

The ghost must have been a girl and has a huge crush on Leader, which is why she wouldnt leave him. So did he talk to the ghost too? Or was there an awkward moment between him & the ghost? Aaaah, must be a ghost noona.. haha! XD

phtriples said...

LOL. he always has difficulty in the spelling out of L.O.V.E, as he said in Champagne. haha! can't wait to hear his ghost story! ^_^

mokona said...

i'm looking forward to hearing it too ^^ .. i have heard of the other members having ghostly encounters too, not jus leader. (i'm watching M!pick series and saw that HJB also seen a ghost in their recoding rooms)
ohh.. spooky, are these real? i agree with Cris, that ghost must have a really big crush on him, so she wouldn't bear to leave leader XD

phtriples said...

hahaha, if i were a ghost, i'd definitely haunt him too! LOL!

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