[News] SS501 & 2NE1 not attending 1st 'Melon Asia Awards'


Popular group SS501 & 2NE1 revealed they would not attend the 1st "Melon Asia Awards".

SS501's management company, DSP related personnel revealed through telephone conversation and mentioned: "Due to their Asia Tour Concert, SS501 would not be able to attend the award ceremony, KARA seems to be not convenient to attend also, but currently it was not confirmed yet."

Other than that, 2NE1's company, YG related personnel also revealed through telephone conversation and mentioned: "2NE1 can't attend and it is not confirmed whether BIGBANG could attend also."

Before this, management company SM revealed that SNSD and SJ would be attending the award ceremony. Originally thought that the 'Melon Asia Awards' would be a feast with lots of stars but because SS501 and 2NE1 expressed their absence, in addition, KARA and BIGBANG has not confirmed whether they will attend, it has reduced the audience chances to see the 2009 Korea most excellent singers together.

'Melon Asia Awards' is selected from the most representative artist song and album released in this year. It will be held on the 16 December, 7pm in Olympic Hall at Olympic Park.

Credit: TVDaily + (Chinese translation)妃茵@TripleSTW.com + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com

Waaaah... so our boys are not attending! This is like the second big awards event that they missed, after MAMA. Well, it's all for the best I guess. After all, even if they won't attend, if they win, they win. Right? I hope they win one award at least in the MELON ASIA AWARDS.


mokona said...

oh man... its such a pity they won't be able to come T^T, i was kinda looking forward to their performance at the melon awards.. TT^TT.. i still hope they win! *rushes off to vote*

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