Another interesting show for our boys! This time, they guested with KARA, a girl group from the same company. Some highlights to look forward to: butt dance, KARA dancing to Love Like This, Hyun-Saeng moments, and sexy Mal! LOL. I'm excited to watch this show.

Video Uploader: poohhl@YouTube

Some caps from the show from LHL..

Credit: LHL


Cris Alisasis said...

Finally, Kara & SS501! <3

and our men did the "butt dance"!!! ^___^ i am so gonna watch this. ^___^

Anonymous said...

leader changed his parting right? :)
i just noticed it. right to the left. not much difference, though he looks fresher, somehow. :)

mokona said...

hope leader is "awake" in the show, i've seen many shows of him admitting that he is still in sleep mode. so going to watch this! XD hope the subs comes out soon. Can't wait to see young saeng and the others in this show. thanks for the news. finally can have a look at KARA, cos i've been hearing abt them alot and hope that through this show i may know more abt them ^^ ( they always put KARA and SS501 together, and i can't seem to get why)

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