Remember the SS501 Christmas Box Gift that were given to Triple S fans who attended the 2nd Christmas Show in Japan? Well, a TS fan took a video of her opening the Christmas box and unveiling all the contents for us to see. I was so amused when I watched the video. The fan was so enthusiastic opening her Christmas box, and she also has the Persona In Japan DVD running on her TV in the background. I am sooooo jealous!!! I wish I were unwrapping my own Christmas Box from SS501. Lots and lots of goodies I want to get my hands on!!! Japanese fans are soo lucky!

Video Uploader: shinchan501@YouTube

Apart from that, they were also selling other SS501 goodies at the 2nd Christmas show, like this diary right here...

Credit: as tagged on pics


Anonymous said...

LOL ! you can go to the shop and personalise it if there is, all u need is their photos and u can ask the person to personalise it as a book or in whatever ways u like.. i had my SS501 calendar done ! ~ all i do is i get their photos on the net and they personalise it as calendar (:

Cris said...

ss501 diary is now available at yesasia -->

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