At last! Intimate Note 2 is being subbed by ltstraus! Yahoo! Aside from the butt dancing, we can actually learn a lot about SS501 in this show. Like how Kyu almost quit the group and Leader hearing an unknown ghost's voice in their dorm. Interesting, huh? Thank you for subbing lstraus!

Video Uploader: lstraus@YouTube

You can also watch this show as subbed by iBreatheLifeMusic: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


Cris Alisasis said...

awwww, they're all cute & funny! i hope to see more of these 2 dsp groups together on shows, and even on stage in 1 performance. ^_^

so cute that nicole & leader picked each other. i remember leader in one show, i think it was champagne, when he chose nicole over hara. hara is really pretty, but i think nicole has the "charm". i think leader prefers charm over looks. ^_^

cant wait for to see the rest of the show... especially leader's reaction to baby's last question. LOL! so has leader really changed??? O_O

Anonymous said...

wahh!!! tq so much for the link
i've been waiting so long to find intmate note with sub ^^

elen122207 said...

What a soulful voice saengie my prince...whoaah!! luv it..

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