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Hello, this is DSP.

There have been lots of inquiries since yesterday evening from on and on off-line regarding Kim Hyun Joong’s article. We think at least the TripleS should know the exact circumstance of Kim Hyun Joong’s attendance at the place where the article mentioned.

The circumstance is as follows...

January 18th was president Lee Ho Yeon’s birthday.
This evening, except for Jung Min, who was scheduled for filming Life Story 2010,
Hyun Joong, Kyu Jong, Young Saeng, Hyung Jun were scheduled for a dinner.

Previous to the dinner schedule, Hyun Joong was pre-scheduled for a meeting regarding a separate matter and after that he accompanied president Lee to the reserved place for dinner, but on the way president Lee was contacted and had to stop by this place (Chun Doo Hwan’s birthday party) before moving on.

It was simply coincidental without prior intention or plan, and to be criticized for this,
Hyun Joong who is not used to negative comments seems to have hurt his feeling.

How long he stayed there, whether it was one minute or ten minutes is not what’s important.
For the people who criticize him simply for attending Chun Doo Hwan’s celebration, we do not ask for your understanding... but we ask that you know the exact circumstance before writing your comments.

[DSP Media]

Credits: www.dspenter.com + Alice @ sgperfectkimhyunjoong.webs.com

Finally, an official statement from DSP regarding this news. Actually, I really don't have anything to comment, except that I'm sad because Hyun Joong is hurt. And I heard he was really PISSED OFF! We all know Leader, he doesn't usually care what other people think, right? But for him to actually express his feelings in writing (we still don't know if it's really Hyun Joong who left that message in DSP website), I think that speaks for itself. All Triple S International Bloggers have agreed to not post the message from Leader so as to avoid the matter being blown out of proportion. Anyway, I hope Leader is okay now. Don't let these issues affect you Leader-shii!


isang_22 said...

EXCUSE ME FOR POSTING THIS BUT I WAS HOPING TO GAIN PLENTY OF RESPONSES FROM TRIPLE S. i would totally understand if you will delete this but i just want every tripleS to be a part of this. as much as possible i hope.

For TripleS who are interested in cheering up our leader because of the current "issue" please post a message for Leader at this blog. The messages will be translated and be given to Leader some time today or tomorrow I'm not sure.


please leave a message for support. Messages will be collected until 10PM Korea time



phtriples said...

hi isang! yes, it's totally okay... thank you for commenting. i actually already left my message in liezle's post. i'm sure a lot of triple s are already leaving messages there as we speak, so don't worry. Triple S will cheer leader up! :) thanks again!

isang_22 said...

no problem. i usually just poke around and read stuff but this issue must not go unnoticed.

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