January 19, 2010

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Has been verified with the Associated Press that reported is true … “We hold the photos but not made public.”

There are a lot of speculation for SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong have participated in the former president’s birthday party 80 birthday on the 18th evening. While there are competing public opinion on this matter for discussion.

According to the Associated Press reported on the 18th, former President Chun Doo-hwan in Seoul Gangnam Qumou wedding hall held a birthday party for his 80th birthday. The guest present at the banquet no shortage of the cabinet members during the former president in office , many active duty military generals and politicians. One of the most notable is popular singer SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong are also one of the guest on the list.

After the news appeared, netizens began to leave comments at once, “Kim Hyun Joong did not have the reason to participate in”. Most of the opinions are considered to be a bias report by the Associated Press. Messages flied instantly. Because some of the netizens are too intense, the media mainly entertainment news-oriented immediately write-off, “Kim Hyun Joong management company’s overall denial” message. All of a sudden, the Associated Press report was wrongly thought that was untrue news.

However, media had confirmed with the Associated Press and further learned that Kim Hyun Joong do have participated in the former president’s birthday dinner.

Associated Press editorial related personnel on the 19th said that, “Kim Hyun Joong do have participate in former President’s birthday dinner, we are more than having the evidence, but also holds the photo when the former president shook hands with Kim Hyun Joong.”

He further explained that “we do not write off the photo because of fan ’s request, we worry about their feelings, do not want their favorite idols has any slightest relationship with political.” The reason why Kim Hyun-joong is participating is that the company’s senior management is a close friend of former President, so Kim Hyun Joong participated in the party is not his own relation with any political party.

In addition, in Kim Hyun Joong own management company personnel interviewed, also pointed out that “because it is his personal journey, companies can not completely grasp, and we have asked the media to change the contents of reports.”

Management company hopes the media that misinformed about Kim Hyun Joong did not attend can be quickly amended, do not mislead the public, but also hope that this issue quickly subsided.

Credits: ss601 + (Chinese Translation) julieann@hyunjoongchina.com + (English Translation) ss501fighting

This is really getting out of hand. But since DSP has already released an official statement of clarification regarding the event, I hope this issue dies down already!


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