January 17, 2010

Heo Young Saeng Collections

I'm sure that like me, you guys are also missing Young Saengie... no news about him lately. To ease our longing, here's a fanmade video presenting Young Saeng... his dimpled smiles, signature moves, laughter, uber cuteness and adorable charm. Awww Sangie, you are missed! And also below are Saengie pics from their 2nd Christmas show in Japan.

Video Credits: Credit: 그아 + 영생愛의한@SS601 + ss501ufo@YouTube
Please repost with full credit.

Credit: Madeleine


Amer said...

Thanks for the photo..!

mokona said...

omo! T^T saegie~ i miss you so much...thanks kate for posting the pictures here, atleast i can look at them while missing him T^T oh saegie.. you are dearly missed T^T
Especially when i'm working on drawing the rebirth fanart, and drawing u now.. it makes me miss you more T^T *cries*

LyN said...

thanks for sharing..missing him more!! T_T
i really love seeing pictures of him where his cleft chin is noticeable..whoa so adorable..i love his smile on the pictures..and his hair too!!..love everything about him..really..when are we going to hear from u?..saengi-ah! how about a diary entry? pls?..hehe..

i really love the fanvid..it captured all wonderful saengi moments..and baby baby by 4Men is such a wonderful song!..thanks again for sharing ^_^

Anonymous said...

<3 young saeng

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