This is a video I made (requested by Cris) as a tribute to the Hyun-Kyu couple. These two used to be roommates and they are just so cute together! Where can you find two more adorable dorks? And they're looking more alike each day, you can mistake them as real brothers!

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Video by: phtriples@YouTube


Anonymous said...

thanks kate

the video is very nice yes i agree
and i also notice it that leader and kyu
do have similarities in so many angles.this is unnie nerissa the one you had a private chat with.

Anonymous said...

nice video compilation.

looking forward to watch your own fan made video of jung min and baby also known as tom and jerry and many fan made ss501 videos of yours.

ss501 fighting!

Jonique Del Rosario said...

Awww... very very cute! ♥ Nicely done~! ♥♥♥

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